3 questions to answer for an authentic and successful life: Part 3 – How can I succeed?

By Shuying KeMay 07, 2016

Manifestation work

To live an authentic and successful life, we must answer 3 questions:

  1. Who am I? (Freedom)
  2. Why am I here? (Truth)
  3. How can I succeed? (Creation)

Manifestation Work is about creation; taking your inner vision and manifesting your desires in the world. It can be as simple as having your dream business, writing a book, or improving your relationships with your family. Or it can be grandiose like finding a cure for cancer, reducing our carbon footprint or ending poverty. How do you succeed in the world’s eyes on your terms?

Manifestation Work is about executing the actions required to manifest the desired outcome. It requires ability in assessing the situation and environment, skill sets in execution, and willpower to see through to the end. There are formulas for success; critical steps that a person must go through in order for what they want to create.

For example, in starting a business, the critical steps that a person must handle are marketing, sales, and operations. If any of these steps are missing, the business will fail. The order and the how a person chooses to handle these steps is dependent on the circumstances, the level of functionality and preferences of a person. Taking the business example, a person that is more skilled and inclined towards sales may start with the front end of the business and have the sales before focusing on operations. Or the person may find a business partner to handle the operations side of the business.

The more evolved a person is at Manifestation Work, the more able a person is able to participate in the experiences of life. Imagine the difference between someone who is living at the poverty line and a multi-billionnaire, the differences in experiences that the two people are able to experience is huge. This is not about one experience being better than another, but we are speaking of the range of experiences that a person can possibly have as a function of having more resources or capacity.

As a person evolves, a person progresses from being the effect of something to being at cause for something. Are you at cause for what you want to create or are you a participant in someone’s causes? Do you get to dictate the terms that you live your life or are you bound by someone else’s terms?

The essence of Manifestation Work is Creation ­— understanding the workings of the world, and being able to create your will and intention in the world.


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