A new perspective on the cycle of life #beingshaman

The circle is a basic geometric shape that equalizes. When people gather in groups around a circle formation, a circular form of leadership is formed. Be it a bonfire or a corporate table or dining table. By coming together, everyone seated in the circle has equal share in that circle to participate in the activity [...]

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Benefits of Coaching That No One Tells You

If only we knew this sooner, oh the crises we could have avoided! What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘coaching’? Mine is a person. Problem is, a lot of people have a vague idea of life coaching - we know it involves two people having a conversation. [...]

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Life Coaching – What the Heck is it About?

“Just talking about it is not the same as when I actually experience it myself, even though I understand all the theories in the world.” - Erwin Sukamto “Life coaching is an experience in itself, it’s very difficult to describe.” - Steve Ong Quick guide to understanding the work of life coaches We’re all [...]

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Optimism isn’t always the best route to take

Throughout childhood and on into young adulthood, most are taught that it is good to be happy and better still, optimistic. We often expect that a positive outlook on life leads to a path of success. Yet there are moments in everyone's life when happiness can be hard to find. It is during these moments [...]

Improving human interactions with a professional training course

Interactions between people is a thought-provoking matter. There are as many different types of interactions as there are people, which makes for a very diverse and sometimes volatile world. Learning how to deal with and respond to different people is a skill that provides endless results both within business and social situations. Acquiring professional training [...]

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Why hire a life coach?

Pushing clients to achieve their maximum potential is at the heart of what we do at Executive Coach International. Life Coaching has been gaining popularity among working adults in the past few years. It is a profession that is very different from those of consulting, mentoring, counselling, or therapy. The process actually helps clients with [...]

Executive Coaching: A viable remedy to job dissatisfaction?

How many times have you questioned your state of mind with regards to your current line of work? Are you happy with your job? According to a survey conducted by recruitment firm Randstad,  a survey of over 5600 Singaporeans showed that nearly half of them are unsatisfied with their current occupations, who see it as [...]

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How to live an authentic and successful life

Being skilled at Impression Work, Values Work and Manifestation Work allows you to live an authentic and successful life in today’s terms. This is the heart of what we do at Live Your Mark.

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How I found myself and my purpose: Tan Li Lian

After 20 years of chasing corporate and physical achievements, Li-Lian realised that something was missing. There had to be more to life. Coaching helped Li-Lian discover herself and reconnect to what truly matters.

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How to create a life you love

To what extent are you involved and participating in your own life? To what extent are you responsible for your choices and actions in your life?

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