3 questions to answer for an authentic and successful life: Part 2 – Why am I here?


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3 questions to answer for an authentic and successful life: Part 2 – Why am I here?

Values work find your truth

To live an authentic and successful life, we must be able to answer 3 questions:

  1. Who am I? (Freedom)
  2. Why am I here? (Truth)
  3. How can I succeed? (Creation)

The questions are by no means trivial, and the answers by no means obvious. We can begin to uncover deeper and truer answers for ourselves through the 3 main forms of work we do at Live Your Mark. In the second instalment of this 3-part introduction to the work we do, we explain Values Work and how it can lead you to answer the question, “Why am I here?”

Values Work is about getting in touch with your truth, with what lies at your core. At a simple level, it is about a person’s values and what resonates with a person deeply. On another level, it is about the gifts that a person has. At the core of Values Work is a person’s purpose; the why of a person’s life and the reason for one’s birth.

Your values reflect what is important to you. They are the energetic drivers of your aspirations and intentions. For example, one with the value of ‘creativity’ might become an artist, while another with the value of ‘contribution’ might become a social worker.

Values are different from beliefs. Beliefs are the assumptions and judgements we make about the world and ourselves in relation to the world. They tend to be contextual, arising from learned experiences, culture, or environment.

Examples of beliefs:
● Men should work while women should stay at home
● Life is a competition
● Human beings are good at heart
● Lying is bad

Values are universal. They are not based on past experiences and are not contextual. Values are principles that motivate us in making decisions when we are aligned with our true selves.

Examples of values:
● Courage
● Love
● Integrity
● Truth

There may be instances where a person’s beliefs come into conflict with their values. For example, a person’s upbringing may cause him to believe, “I must always obey authority”. Should this person come under the charge of an authority figure who is dishonest, a conflict may arise between the person’s desire to be obedient and his core value of integrity. Therefore, an important boon to Values Work is Impression Work, in which a person is freed from effects from the past so that they can become who they truly are.

Values Work is also about being in touch with your roots and source. When a person does not honour the lessons or gifts that are given to them, they cut off a part of themselves. This can be as simple as a parent teaching their child how to draw and the gift of imagination. Should a person choose to cut off the parent’s teachings, they are disavowing a part of their gifts, and when a person is required to imagine scenarios, say in their jobs, they will not be able to call on the full extent of their gifts, because a part of the source is cut off.

Values work - inner core 

A person being in touch with their inner core also has resilience, they know what they want, what is important to them, what really matters to them enough that they will pull through no matter what. It is a purposeful drive that the person has. There is a resoluteness in the way a person does what he wants that calls out to people. This is a charisma that exists in a person resonating with their values and their authentic being. When a person is in alignment with themselves and their environment, that person shines with an inner light. This helps a person manifesting what they want in their lives, they are able to attract the resources they need in order to get what they want.

The essence of Values Work is Truth ­­— getting in touch with your truth and living your truth out in life.

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