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Finding the freedom to express myself changed my relationships: Su-Ann Phillips

Welcome to the first in our series of personal success stories, where community members share their journeys of personal growth and life transformation, catalyzed by coaching. Read stories of people just like you and me, who have overcome struggles and gained confidence to live the lives they truly want.

On this special Valentine’s Day edition, Su-Ann Phillips, published writer, creative and life coach, tells the story of how finding the freedom to express herself has improved her relationships and opened multiple possibilities in her life. 

Su-Ann has always enjoyed warm, loving relationships with her family, but for years she felt that she could not express her true thoughts with them because she feared that she would be judged. Initially resistant to the idea of working on her relationships, Su-Ann believed that focusing on advancing her career would bring her the happiness and fulfilment she sought in her life.

Through coaching, she came to understand how avoiding the issues in her relationships was detrimental not just to her personal life but to her professional one as well. With the help of her coach, she realized that one of the things that was holding her back from deeper relationships with her family was her shame and guilt when things don’t work out the way she wanted them to be, including a failed marriage. 

This realization gave her the confidence to be real with her family. She now speaks freely and openly with her parents, sisters and daughter without the fear of being rejected by them. She also found the confidence to be loved again. 

Su-Ann’s newfound freedom to express herself gave her other kinds of freedom.

Because she could now clearly communicate what kind of support she needed from them, her family became a stronger support group. This freed up her time and energy, enabling her to balance her commitments and achieve better results in her writing business.

Su-Ann has always loved sharing with the world her discoveries through writing, but life as a writer was difficult. In the past, she lacked the confidence that she could provide enough value to her clients. However, her newfound ability to express herself in her work has given her the confidence to command higher fees for her writing work. More significantly, she now enjoys more genuine relationships with her clients – her frankness in, for example, being able to tell them when something wouldn’t work or sell, has led to better outcomes in her writing projects. In fact, she gained even more clients because they respected her honesty and candour.


Coaching has given Su-Ann many possibilities, not just for her family but also with people she meets for the first time, creating the genuine and meaningful connections our world needs.

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