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My Daily Fight Against Procrastination

According to friends, I wore the same expression during my undergraduate Thesis days... “Avoid Procrastination.” It’s easy enough to say, but it’s only words. Everyone is subject to bouts of procrastination because our brains are programmed that way. It’s all about instant gratification. We cannot easily reconcile to work hard now for gains in the future. There’s simply [...]

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Create Order from Your Chaos

or 4 Helpful Tips to Organize Your Life. Did 2016 feel hectic and rushed? Did you spend hours at work but progress very little? Life can be a crazy mess and sometimes things fall through the cracks. However, if you are beginning to feel more like a failed juggler, it might be worthwhile to sit down and [...]

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4 Quick Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence

  I decided to visit a professional coach to discover my inner voice and work on my confidence. Everyone has their own unique way of discovering themselves, but I didn’t know where to start, so I approached a qualified individual for a private session. These are just a few practical and simple-to-follow tips that my professional coach [...]

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Our Founder, Kelvin Lim, sets a National & World Record!

If you wanted to change the world, where would you start? Early this year, a team of ambitious volunteers hatched a daring movement to bring coaching to the streets. The movement would enable the public to experience coaching so that they could reconnect to what truly matters. When our founder and principal coach, Kelvin, heard [...]

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Improving human interactions with a professional training course

Interactions between people is a thought-provoking matter. There are as many different types of interactions as there are people, which makes for a very diverse and sometimes volatile world. Learning how to deal with and respond to different people is a skill that provides endless results both within business and social situations. Acquiring professional training [...]

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Why should everyone maintain their “emotional hygiene” (and how to start)

In this 2014 TEDx talk, Guy Winch highlights an important, fundamental problem about today's society that our coaches deeply resonate with: Why do we prioritise physical health over emotional well-being? Why are we taught good habits to keep our bodies at peak performance (e.g. exercising, brushing our teeth, etc.) but not any methods to maintain our “emotional hygiene”?

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What On Earth Am I Here For?

"What on earth am I here for? Why am I here, why do I exist? What is my purpose in life? Was my life just an accident? How can I live a meaningful life? How do I find my passions, my callings, my dreams? Why me?" Have these questions ever bugged you before? Have you tried reading dozens of books about motivation, drive, spirituality, religion, the 'laws of attraction’ and thousands of similar self-help books...

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Self-expression: What is it and why is it important for everyone?

There are a multitude of ways to express what is authentic to you, whether through speech, drawing, singing, dancing or even the way you dress. Cultural, societal and familial conditioning of what to say/not to say or do (e.g. “big boys don’t cry”) leads us to suppress our emotions and thoughts within us, which is unhealthy for our mental and emotional well-being. In some extreme cases, this suppression can even affect our physical health...

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Achieving balance in your life

How do some people seem to maintain the elusive ‘work-life balance’ that many of us are searching for? Ms Loo Mei Yee, a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and the General Manager of Executive Coach International, shares her insights.

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5 Sure-fire Ways to Manage Stress

Not all stress is bad — stress can work as a good motivator to get things done. But when there is too much of it, stress could lead to increased risks of health problems, including heart disease, obesity, asthma, gastrointestinal problems and even premature death. Though there may be many methods of reducing stress — exercising, eating well, sufficient rest, meditation, massage, aromatherapy, laughter, counselling — here are the 5 basic but often-forgotten ways to manage stress...

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