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Wanting to be the Best

Most the time, we live life as if we didn’t have a choice. That may be true from a limited point of view, especially if you have bought into the notion that we are powerless against our circumstances. I believe that we have been conditioned into many possibilities, but we are at the same time, [...]

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5 Tips to Choosing a Coach

Because everybody has very different needs, requirements and goals, coaches in general come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, experience, specializations and backgrounds. So how do you go about choosing a coach who can suit you and your needs best?

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How Can A Person Grow Through Coaching?

Having had the privilege to be involved with coaching for the last 20 years, I would say that coaching has everything to do with growth. In fact, coaching is growth itself. What is growth? Growth is about taking somebody past their mental, physical or psychological limitations...

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What Is A Leader For?

What is a Leader, exactly? We’ve all heard of Leaders, of course, but what actually is the Leader’s exact value, and why do Leaders even exist in the first place? If you were to strip it of all its glory, its veneer, its titles, its rewards, its responsibilities, what then does a leader do?

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Managing team conflicts

Conflicts are unavoidable in any group setting. One of the most important things that good managers and leaders need to learn how to do is how to manage conflicts in such a way that you can direct the destructive force into a creative one.

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3 simple ways to be more approachable to your employees

Before we begin with the question on improving your approachability, you need to ask yourself why you want to be approachable in the first place. Is it because you can’t understand why, despite an ‘open-door’ policy, people still don’t come to you with important concerns? Or is it because, as a leader, being approachable is simply not your personal style or preference to begin with? If so, why have you come to believe that there are more advantages to being approachable than otherwise?

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Coaching Versus Mentoring – What’s The Difference?

Overview A quick search on the internet shows many contradictory articles on this topic, though they largely agree on one very important point — that mentoring and coaching are quite different, despite some similarities...

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What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Differences in Aims: Coaches are, broadly speaking, somewhat like architects while therapists are archaeologists. Coaching focuses on advancing a client’s potential, while therapy focuses on curing and healing a client’s unresolved emotional problems...

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Coaching and Managing 5 Types of Clients

I would like to examine some of the kinds of typical clients that a coach can encounter and what their general needs are general characteristics, some of their more common issues and what kinds of outcomes they tend to look for. So typically, clients can come looking for a coach for a variety of reasons. More often than not, over time, these reasons tend to be repetitive due to the fact that we are living in a world where certain kinds of problems and issues tend to be more difficult to solve and could require the assistance of a coach in the form of an advisor or a counselor or a problem solver...

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7 Key Qualities of an Effective Coach

1. Heart is in the right place In order for a coach to really affect their client, they have to be able to want what is best for their client and be an amazing stand for their client without harming themselves. There are some people who are extremely compassionate and want the best for somebody else but they tend to do so at the expense of themselves...

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